Monday, January 19, 2015

Hockey, hockey, and more!

We spent the weekend in Charlotte competing for the Hemby Cup.  Lots of fun and lots of hockey.  8 games in 2.5 days between Owen & Justin.  Both boys had fantastic individual efforts in the tournament.  Justin's team went 4-0 taking the championship with ease.  Justin had alot of goals and assists but most importantly he and the entire team played and won with class.  The team even received comments from several parents and coaches from multiple teams about the sportsmanship and class of the team.  That is the ultimate compliment for the team.  Owen's team played extremely hard and gave the teams a run a run for their money but just couldn't string together a full game to come out on top.  They wen 3-0-1 giving up the goal in the game that was tied with 27 seconds left.  Owen had a great tournament and through some huge hits.  All of Owen's games were pretty clean and classy.  Always a great time when I get to be such a big part of the boy's passion for the game of hockey.  Jamie and I are extremely proud of their effort, skill and leadership they put forth.